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Interventional Pain Management

  • Epidural Injectons


  • Diagnostic and Therapeutic Medical Branch Nerve Blocks


  • Radiofrequency Ablations


  • Spinal Cord Stimulation


  • Peripheral Nerve Blocks


  • On-site Ambulatory Surgery Center

Aquatic Therapy

  • On-site Physical Therapy Department with heated Aquatic Therapy pool.


  • One of few pain management specialist in the state to offer aquatic therapy in their facility.


  • "Working in the pool, the body's natural buoyancy comes into play, taking the weight off the joints, including the joints in the spine." - Dr. Giron

Additional Services

  • Telemedicine Services Provided

  • Multi-Disciplinary Pain Management


  • Electro-diagnostic Testing


  • Risk and Functional Assessment For Medication Therapy


  • Independent Medical Evaluations​

  • CBD Oil Therapy Available

    • Pain Institute of Georgia Patients Only​

Physical Therapy
Aquatic Therapy
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